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Subject svn commit: r375164 - /myfaces/core/trunk/impl/src/main/tld/entities/ui_command_attributes.xml
Date Mon, 06 Feb 2006 03:44:10 GMT
Author: dennisbyrne
Date: Sun Feb  5 19:44:08 2006
New Revision: 375164

MYFACES-971, patch from Steve Peterson 


Modified: myfaces/core/trunk/impl/src/main/tld/entities/ui_command_attributes.xml
--- myfaces/core/trunk/impl/src/main/tld/entities/ui_command_attributes.xml (original)
+++ myfaces/core/trunk/impl/src/main/tld/entities/ui_command_attributes.xml Sun Feb  5 19:44:08
@@ -7,11 +7,17 @@
-        A method binding EL expression that identifies an action method to be
-        invoked if this component is activated by the user. An action method
+    	Specifies the action to take when this command is invoked.
+        If the value is an expression, it is expected to be a method 
+        binding EL expression that identifies an action method. An action method
         accepts no parameters and has a String return value, called the action
         outcome, that identifies the next view displayed. The phase that this
         event is fired in can be controlled via the immediate attribute.
+    	If the value is a string literal, it is treated as a navigation outcome
+    	for the current view.  This is functionally equivalent to a reference to
+    	an action method that returns the string literal.

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