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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Myfaces Wiki] Update of "from ADF to Trinidad" by SimonLessard
Date Fri, 18 Aug 2006 17:49:01 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by SimonLessard:

The comment on the change is:
Reduced the new component section to link on a new page when it's available.

  == New components ==
+ Trinidad include a set of new components that were not existing in ADF Faces like inputNumberSpinbox,
outputDocument and panelAccordion with show many option. Make sure to check out the (TBD add
component doc link here) to see if one of them answer one your need that ADF Faces was not.
- Trinidad provides more components than ADF Faces, maybe some will answer a need you had
in the past.
- ==== tr:inputNumberSpinbox ====
-  This component allows the user to enter a number and increment/decrement it using buttons
placed to the right of the input field. You can control the amount by which the number change
everytime the user press the increment/decrement button using the setpSize attribute. Example
of usage:
-  {{{
- <tr:inputNumberSpinbox value="#{user.age}" stepSize="1"/>
- }}}
- ==== tr:outputDocument ====
-  This component allows you to print a multi-paragraph document without having to parse it
yourself. Each line feed of carriage return of the outputDocument's value will be interpreted
as a paragraph change. This component also supports title and separator facets. The former
will be placed before the first paragraph while the latter will be placed between paragraphes.
-  {{{
- <tr:outputDocument value="#{resourceBean.longText}">
-   <f:facet name="title">
-     <tr:panelHeader text="#{resourceBean.longTextTitle}"/>
-   </f:facet>
-   <f:facet name="separator">
-     <tr:image src="/images/separator.gif"/>
-   </f:facet>
- </tr:outputDocument>
- }}}
- ==== tr:panelAccordion ====
-  This component contains what was previously known as af:showOnePanel. However, it also
includes a cool new feature, showManyAccordion. With af:showOnePanel, the user was only able
to see one detail at a time. If you wanted to show more you had to use many af:showDetailHeader
components. showManyAccordion option now do it for you! It's like showOnePanel, but allow
the user to disclose any amount of children. Example:
-  {{{
- <tr:panelAccordion discloseMany="true">
-   <tr:showDetailItem text="Item 1">
-     <!-- Add content here -->
-   </tr:showDetailItem>
-   <tr:showDetailItem text="Item 1">
-     <!-- Add content here -->
-   </tr:showDetailItem>
- </tr:panelAccordion>
- }}}
  == Deprecated components ==

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