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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Myfaces Wiki] Update of "TrinidadSeamAjax4JsfFaceletDetail" by ThomasHamacher
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2007 13:38:48 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by ThomasHamacher:

New page:
== Configure Trinidad for use with Seam, ajax4jsf  and Facelets ==

In a complex environment with a lot of different libraries to play together and therefor use
the best of all to fullfil your requirements, there are some things to keep in mind. This
is a short description on how I configured my application to make these components run together.

I´m referencing to the following environment:

    * Trinidad Nightly Build from Apache Incubator []
    * JBoss Seam 1.1.6 []
    * Ajax4jsf 1.0.6 []
    * Facelets 1.1.12 []
    * MyFaces 1.1.5 []
    * JBoss Application Server 4.0.5 []

To make Trinidad play together with Ajax4jsf you also have to include the `a4j-trinidad.jar`.
The a4j-trinidad contains an alternative AjaxContext called TrinidadAjaxContext which is not
present in the main distribution, so you will need the extra library additional to the ajax4jsf-library.
You will find this at the ajax4jsf-website as well.

=== faces-config.xml ===
Let´s start with the `faces-config.xml`. It is very neccessary to remove all `view-handler`s
and instead set the `default-render-kit` to Trinidad. Then the faces-config.xml should look
something like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE faces-config PUBLIC "-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD JavaServer Faces Config 1.0//EN"

    <!-- Phase listener needed for all Seam applications -->



=== web.xml ===
Let´s go over to the `web.xml`. First we have to define a special set of `listeners`. I don´t
think the order is that important in this case, but I started with the
SeamListener, which is declared as follows:


Afterward you have to define the listener for your JSF-Implementation. I used MyFaces and
therefor used this declaration:


But if you´re playing with SUN RI, declare it this way:


For the most of the libraries you don´t have to set any special context-parameters, but when
it comes to the Trinidad `context-param`s the following declaration is 


When it comes to the `filter-mapping` the order is very important. You have to define the
ajax4jsf-filter-mapping as the very first one, followed by the others.
This is the sequence I used in my web.xml:

    <!-- ************************ AJAX4JSF Filter **************************** -->
    <!-- If you have other filters declared in the web.xml, be sure that Ajax4jsf Filter
is declared before the others. -->
        <display-name>Ajax4jsf Filter</display-name>
        <servlet-name>Faces Servlet</servlet-name>        
    <!-- ************************ Trinidad Filter **************************** -->
        <servlet-name>Faces Servlet</servlet-name>
    <!-- ************************ Seam Filter **************************** -->
        <filter-name>Seam Exception Filter</filter-name>
        <filter-name>Seam Exception Filter</filter-name>
        <filter-name>Seam Redirect Filter</filter-name>
        <filter-name>Seam Redirect Filter</filter-name>

This is all I did and it works quite nice and smoothly.  

Hope it helps someone to run these great libraries together, which makes development really
smooth and easy.

Have fun!

''Thomas Hamacher''  

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