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Subject svn commit: r638504 - /myfaces/trinidad/trunk_1.2.x/src/site/xdoc/devguide/skinning.xml
Date Tue, 18 Mar 2008 18:54:43 GMT
Author: jwaldman
Date: Tue Mar 18 11:54:36 2008
New Revision: 638504

TRINIDAD-1013 add better documentation on what can go into trinidad-skins.xml's style-sheet-name
on trunk_1.2.x


Modified: myfaces/trinidad/trunk_1.2.x/src/site/xdoc/devguide/skinning.xml
--- myfaces/trinidad/trunk_1.2.x/src/site/xdoc/devguide/skinning.xml (original)
+++ myfaces/trinidad/trunk_1.2.x/src/site/xdoc/devguide/skinning.xml Tue Mar 18 11:54:36 2008
@@ -226,7 +226,23 @@
         <b>style-sheet-name</b> - This is your skin's stylesheet name url.
+        We try a few different means to get the style-sheet-name file as an URL object.
+        <p>
+        First, we try to get an URL for the non static urls, that is, urls that could change
+        after the server has started:
+        <ol>
+        <li>
+        If style-sheet-name starts with "http:", "https:", "file:", "ftp:", or "jar:",
+        then we create the URL by calling new</li>
+        <li>
+        Else we create the URL by calling FacesContext's ExternalContext's getResource(style-sheet-name).
+        (we prepend '/' if it isn't already there)
+        </ol>
+        If we still don't have an URL, we try to create the style-sheet-name URL using the
ClassLoader's getResource.
+        </p>
+        </li>
         <b>extends</b> - This is how you can extend another skin rather than
the default simple skin. Say you like 
         the purple skin but only want to change the font size. You'd extend the purple.desktop
skin and 

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