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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Myfaces Wiki] Update of "Releasing the MyFaces Portlet Bridge" by ScottOBryan
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2008 15:02:29 GMT
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The following page has been changed by ScottOBryan:

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New page:
== Introduction ==

This process describes what needs to be done in order to release the MyFaces Portlet Bridge.
 The release process for the MyFaces portlet Bridge is based of Maven and follows the Apache
release process.  The intention of this document is to allow a MyFaces committer to release
the portal project.

== Getting Started ==

There are a number of things you need to do before beginning the release process.  If you've
release other MyFaces products before, chances are you can skip this section.

==== External Tools ====

The following tools will be needed in order to perform the release process:

 * Subversion
   Find the propert Subversion client for your platform at the [
Subversion homepage].
   Windows may want to use the [ Tigris SVN Client], which is
by far the most comprehensive subversion UI I've seen to date.

 * Maven 2
   Of course you will need Maven 2 installed on your machine.  Information on Maven can be
found on the [ Maven homepage].  Additionally the
   release process is based on the [
Maven release plugin].  There may be additional external tools needed to use
   this plugin.  So if you have issues, please consult the documentation.

 * GnuPG
   Find a proper gpg version and frontend at the [ GnuPG homepage].
   Windows users may have a look at the [ Gpg4win] frontent, which
is easy to use.
   If you do not already have a private key for your apache mail address you should now either
    * add your address as an additonal identifier to your existing gpg key if
you already have one, or
    * create a new private key (recommended)

 * SSH
   Most *nix users will already have ssh on their machine.
   Windows users may have a look at [ Putty].

==== Initial Setup ====

 1. Registering your GnuPG key
   All Apache release artifacts must be signed using GnuPG.  This is to ensure the authenticity
of the released artifacts.  Once you have generated a key for your Apache
   email address (or added an Apache Email Address to your existing key), then you also need
to register the public portion of your key with the Apache MyFaces 
   "Web of Trust" as well as a public key server.  In short, this means:
    * Adding your public key to the [ KEYS] file which
you will find at {{{/x1/www/}}} on the {{{}}}
    * Adding your public key to a public keystore like [].    

== Release Process ==
The release process consists of three phases.  The first phase, preparing the release, takes
place first and involves creating a tag for the released project and creating the build artifacts
for review.  The second phase is the voting phase which involves sending out an email to the
developer list and getting approval from the community to release the project.  The last phase,
performing the release, involves updating the various Apache websites, making the artifacts
available online, and sending out a release announcement.  Each of these phases are documented,
in detail, in the sections below.

==== Preparing the Release ====

==== Voting on the Release ====

==== Performing the Release ====

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