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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Myfaces Wiki] Update of "Extensions/Validator/DevDoc" by GerhardPetracek
Date Thu, 10 Dec 2009 04:11:54 GMT
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The "Extensions/Validator/DevDoc" page has been changed by GerhardPetracek.


  extval provides two implementations:
   * ValidationInterceptor (basic implementation)
-  * ValidationInterceptorWithSkipValidationSupport
+  * PropertyValidationInterceptor (old name: ValidationInterceptorWithSkipValidationSupport)
@@ -137, +137 @@

     * check skipped validation
     * validate
- == ValidationInterceptorWithSkipValidationSupport ==
+ == PropertyValidationInterceptor / ValidationInterceptorWithSkipValidationSupport ==
  extends the basic implementation and adds the skip validation feature of the property-validation
+ since extval r3 the name is not longer ValidationInterceptorWithSkipValidationSupport -
the new name is: PropertyValidationInterceptor.<<BR>>
+ it just provides the module key. so it's possible e.g. to register module aware meta-data
extraction interceptors.
+ (see org.apache.myfaces.extensions.validator.core.ValidationModuleAware)
+ the skip validation logic is now provided via a pluggable SkipValidationEvaluator which
+ org.apache.myfaces.extensions.validator.core.validation.SkipValidationEvaluator
  == component initialization ==
  a component initializer is responsible to initialize a component with the information provided
by the metadata of a bound value. it's used to join specific mechanisms of component libs.
@@ -203, +210 @@

- ExtValContext.getContext().registerRendererInterceptor(new ValidationInterceptorWithSkipValidationSupport());
+ ExtValContext.getContext().registerRendererInterceptor(new ValidationInterceptorWithSkipValidationSupport());
//in versions < r3
+ ExtValContext.getContext().registerRendererInterceptor(new PropertyValidationInterceptor());
//since r3
  since extval follows the principle that there's no requirement for annotations the validation
strategy has to provide the information. annotate the validation strategy class with @SkipValidationSupport,
if it should be possible to skip the validation via @SkipValidation. if a condition of @SkipValidation
is true all following skip-able validation strategies (and also metadata transformer) are

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