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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Myfaces Wiki] Update of "Extensions/Scripting/Setup" by WernerPunz
Date Thu, 31 Dec 2009 12:02:49 GMT
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The "Extensions/Scripting/Setup" page has been changed by WernerPunz.


New page:
= Setup Extensions Scripting =
== Checkout and Build ==
Currently as time of writing, '''Ext-Scripting''' does not have a release yet, so the only
means of obtaining a build is checking out the project via

[[|via the svn trunk]]

Make sure you have following checklist on your machine installed before checking out

 * A valid svn client
 * Java 5 or higher
 * Maven 2.0.9 or higher

After checking out, you can run a full build via '''mvn clean install''' from the root directory
of your checkout.

After that you have a valid build installed you can use further on. Additionally you can find
two blueprint projects which you can use as starting points for your own projects under '''<checkoutDir>/examples'''

== Setup of Ext-Scripting ==
=== Requirements ===
Before setting up ext-scripting make sure following requirements are met.

 * JAVA_HOME points towards a valid Java SDK (JRE is not sufficient)
 * You know how to create and deploy a web application within your preferred setup (command
line, ide)

=== Setup ===
While one of the aims of '''Ext-Scripting''' was to enable an easy setup, it for now was not
entirely possible for now to get a plug and play configuration. Several configuration steps
have to be performed.

 * A valid <<<MyFaces>>> installation has to be present
 * Ext-Scripting and its dependencies has to be added to the myfaces installation
 * Several entries in the web.xml have to be added (see below)
 * The paths to the scripts have to be present (see also below)

==== web.xml Setup ====

'''Ext-Scripting''' relies on several entries to be present in the web.xml to function properly.


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