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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Myfaces Wiki] Update of "Extensions/CDI/DevDoc/Drafts" by GerhardPetracek
Date Wed, 03 Mar 2010 10:36:50 GMT
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The "Extensions/CDI/DevDoc/Drafts" page has been changed by GerhardPetracek.


   * @ViewScoped support
   * @ViewConversationScoped
   * @ViewRequestScoped
-  * @WindowScoped
-  * @AccessScoped
   * @Flow (and @Subflow) for special flow config-classes
   * Dependency Injection for JSF action method parameters
   * @ELResource (e.g. @ELResource("#{...}")
     Alternative: @Resource similar to the annotation in Spring
   * probably enable @Observes for JSF2 events (not sure if this is possible in a  JSF container
independent way)
-  * producer method for JSF ProjectStages
   * producer method for the current PhaseId
   * enable support for activating @Alternatives depending on a JSF project stage. I've already
implemented this as @ProjectStageActivated annotation.
   * producer method for request parameters (@RequestParam(name = "xyz"))
  == Crazy ideas :) ==
-  * Support for the Orchestra conversation style with CDI.
-    (The concept of Seam/CDI conversations is different from Orchestra conversations. Sometimes
it's e.g. required to immediately restart (= invalidate and start) a conversation. Furthermore,
sometimes it makes sense to use named conversations. Due to the spec. suggestions of CDI that
might be difficult. However, we should try to implement it.
   * @ViewController like the one of Orchestra
-  * Annotations '''similar''' to [[|blog]]
as alternative to @ViewController
   * Support dynamic recompilation and bean reloading like Ext-Scripting does for standard
JSF managed beans within myfaces.
@@ -78, +72 @@

   * @ProjectStageActivated to disable beans depending on a JSF ProjectStage
   * @ViewScoped Context to use javax.faces.bean.ViesScoped as a NormalScope(passivating=true)
in CDI
+ == Moved to Jira ==
+  * Scopes
+    * Support for the Orchestra conversation style with CDI.
+    * @WindowScoped
+    * @AccessScoped
+  * ProjectStage support
+  * Annotations '''similar''' to [[|blog]]
as alternative to @ViewController

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