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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Myfaces Wiki] Update of "GSoC2010_StateSavingPerformanceImprovements" by Marius Petoi
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2010 08:22:28 GMT
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The "GSoC2010_StateSavingPerformanceImprovements" page has been changed by Marius Petoi.


  Organization : Apache Software Foundation 
  Mentor : Martin MARINSCHEK < martin.marinschek AT apache DOT org > 
- == Abstract ==;
+ == Abstract ==
  This project’s aim is to study the current state saving performance of MyFaces 2.0 and
to find where this could be improved and the means by which it can be done. 
- == Description ==;
+ == Description ==
  In JSF 2.0 there is the possibility to partially save the state of the page in the ExternalContext.
This means that at the first request the entire state is saved, but afterwards only the differences
from this are saved. MyFaces2 introduces the “StateManagementStrategy”, which is an interface
for strategies used for saving and respectively loading the view. The default MyFaces strategy
implemented so far, upon saving the view checks whether there has been a previously saved
view. If so, it saves just the differences between the old state and the new, actual state.
If not, the entire state is saved in the external context request map.
  At the moment, the saved state contains the component tree together with properties for
each component (a list of its children and facets, together with the list of listeners, the
behaviours map, etc). Every component is responsible for creating its own “state” object,
which is afterwards included in the parent’s state object. In the end, the “state” of
the UIViewRoot and the tree of components is saved in the ExternalContext.
@@ -19, +19 @@

  For each component type, we should see whether the “saveState” and “loadState” methods
can be improved, reducing the amount of information saved. A good example of this is the table
component, which at the moment does not handle partial view state saving at all.
  In the end, after all the improvements will have been implemented, the memory profiling
should be done again and see how much the gain was.
- == Criteria ==;
+ == Criteria ==
- === Meritocracy ===;
+ === Meritocracy ===
  This project will follow the guidelines of the Apache Foundation. 
- === Community ===;
+ === Community ===
  As this involves the core of MyFaces, every change will have a big impact on the community,
on all the component sets using the MyFaces implementation. Therefore, every change that we
decide to make must be carefully thought.
- == Schedule ==;
+ == Schedule ==
- === April 27 - May 3 ===;
+ === April 27 - May 3 ===
  Study state saving in the JSF implementation from Oracle, Mojarra.
  Reading documentation and studying code. 

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