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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Myfaces Wiki] Update of "GSoC2010_Application_Builder" by TobiasU
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2010 19:18:56 GMT
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The "GSoC2010_Application_Builder" page has been changed by TobiasU.
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- '''__DRAFT__''':
  ''' Google Summer of Code 2010: MyFaces Application Builder '''
  Mentor: Gerhard Petracek
@@ -14, +12 @@

  = Proposal =
  == Abstract ==
+ This project will create a MyFaces Application Builder (MAB), an application builder for
MyFaces which enables the user to easily generate a MyFaces application. The MAB will use
the OpenWebBeans CDI implementation to enable the users to create add-ons and to render the
MAB as flexible and extensible as possible.
  == Description ==
+ The MAB itself will provide a CLI and a facility for the generation of configuration and
code. All other features will be implemented as add-ons.
+ The simple CLI enables the user to configure the project. Add-ons are able to extend the
CLI's functionality. Based on the configuration, the MAB and the add-ons will generate all
necessary parts. To realize the add-on system, CDI's event notification facility will be heavily
- = Goals =
+ Within the scope of the GSoC, a number of initial add-ons for the following tasks will be
+  * add-on for creating a Maven configuration
+  * add-on for creating all necessary MyFaces-Core configurations
+  * add-on for generating an application which uses one of the MyFaces Component Libraries
(striving for creating add-ons for all component libraries)
+  * add-on for generating an application which uses CDI (OWB, maybe Weld too)
+  * add-on for generating an application which uses MyFaces Extensions
- ||<tablewidth="99%">'''ID'''||'''Type'''||'''Milestone'''||<:99%>'''Description'''||'''Status'''||
- || 0 || Must || 1 || Just a placehodler || pending ||
+ If time allows, add-ons to generate a full stack application will be created (at least add-ons
for generating JPA entities and Session Beans).
  = Timeline =
- ||<tablewidth="99%">'''Date'''||<:99%>'''Description'''||
+ ||<tablewidth="99%">'''Date'''||<:75%>'''Description'''||
- || 01/01/1970 || Placeholder ||
+ || '''04/27/2010''' || Begin of Community Bonding Process ||
+ || 04/27/2010 - 05/04/2010 || Getting started with CDI, experiment w/ Weld and OWB ||
+ || 05/05/2010 - 05/23/2010 || Detailed requirements specification, drafting the design,
finalizing the design, creation of project structure, start with CLI, prototyping of add-on
system ||
+ || '''05/24/2010''' || Start of implementation phase ||
+ || 05/25/2010 - 07/11/2010 || Implementation of basic framework and add-ons ||
+ || '''07/12/2010''' || Mid-term evaluations, Milestone release ||
+ || 07/13/2010 - 07/27/2010 || Implementation of remaining features and add-ons. ||
+ || 07/28/2010 - 08/08/2010 || Profiling, bug fixing, complete test coverage, example add-ons
+ || '''08/09/2010''' - 08/15/2010 || Final phase: Improving documentation, preparing tutorials,
code cleanup, tidy up loose ends ||
+ || 08/16/2010 || Final evaluations ||
+ || '''08/30/2010''' || Submitting required code samples to Google ||
  = Criteria =
+ Meritocracy: This Project will follow the guidelines of the Apache Foundation.
+ Community: This projects's aim is to enable people to easily generate a MyFaces Application.
Thus, making it easier for beginners to start with Myfaces and by that, possibly increase
the user base. Furthermore, it enables advanced users to speed up their development of applications
based on MyFaces. Since this project only uses MyFaces components w/o changing them, the impact
on the current implementation is limited. The usage of OWB as CDI implementation could help
finding bugs or improvements and thereby help improving OWB.
  = Additional Information =
@@ -35, +54 @@

  == Background ==
+ At the moment, I am matriculated at the WWU Münster (Westfälische-Wilhelms Universität
Münster) from which I will graduate in the next semester. 
+ Until now, my participation in open source software (apart from the using it) was limited
to minor bug fixes and bug reports.
+ My experience as software developer includes design and development of a JEE and Python
based Active Learning Platform for NLP and Information extraction for Siemens Healtcare USA,
Inc. in Mountain View, CA, the design and development of a Java based multi purpose VoIP platform,
several solutions in the area of medical informatics (e.g. a RIS platform to share DICOM pictures)
for local companies.
+ I'm a very active member of the local Java User Group, co-manager of the local Google Technology
User Group and co-organzier of "Talklets Münster", a regular series of tech talks centered
around software development topics.
+ Currently, I am applying with two colleagues for an entrepreneur stipend for university
spin-offs, financed by the Germany Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and the European
+ Apart from the GSoC, I do not have other commitments at the moment. There are some exams
in August but the dates are not fixed yet.
+ I am able to commit about 20-30 hours every week to this project. 
  == Contact ==

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