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Subject svn commit: r1069897 - /myfaces/trinidad/branches/
Date Fri, 11 Feb 2011 17:11:41 GMT
Author: mcooper
Date: Fri Feb 11 17:11:41 2011
New Revision: 1069897

TRINIDAD-2033 trh:tableLayout tag doc should call out table-layout:fixed as desirable for
programmatically-resizable cell contents

Tag documentation-only update.

Added a section in the tag documentation for trh:tableLayout explaining how column sizes are
resolved by default and how you can alter the layout algorithm to better meet uses cases like
when your cell contents have percentage widths and their content is programmatically-sized
(e.g. via JavaScript resize handlers).


Modified: myfaces/trinidad/branches/
--- myfaces/trinidad/branches/
+++ myfaces/trinidad/branches/
Fri Feb 11 17:11:41 2011
@@ -243,7 +243,16 @@
       <mfp:long-description><![CDATA[A TableLayout is a thin wrapper around the
HTML &lt;table&gt;
-          element.  It contains a series of row layout elements.]]>
+          element.  It contains a series of row layout elements.
+         <section name="Table Layout">
+          By default, HTML tables treat cell widths more like suggestions rather than requirements;
+          cell content sizes contribute more in determining the size of each column.
+          If you care more for the specified cellFormat widths than content sizes (particularly
if your
+          cellFormat widths are percentage-based and your cells have contents that are
+          programmatically-resizable based on the cell width), then you will need to use
+          inlineStyle="table-layout:fixed" to declare that you want your cell widths to be
explicitly honored.
+          Refer to the CSS specification for further details on this style property.
+          </section>]]>

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