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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Myfaces Wiki] Update of "CoreRelease223" by LeonardoUribe
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2014 12:35:39 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "CoreRelease223" page has been changed by LeonardoUribe:

  MyFaces Core is also available in the central Maven repository under Group ID "org.apache.myfaces.core".
+ Release Notes - MyFaces Core - Version 2.2.3 
+     [MYFACES-3874] - Component property class is not writable
+     [MYFACES-3875] - Unhandled attribute "for" for custom converter
+     [MYFACES-3876] - Clarify requeriments and behavior of HTML friendly markup feature
+     [MYFACES-3877] - Add @ListenerFor(systemEventClass = PostRestoreStateEvent.class) causes
StackOverflowException on MyFaces 2.2
+     [MYFACES-3878] - Update existing wrappers against new features in JSF 2.2 (ViewHandlerWrapper,
+     [MYFACES-3879] - Passthrough attributes for f:selectItem and f:selectItems should be
rendered by associated components
+     [MYFACES-3882] - Page with template and stylesheet not rendered correctly
+     [MYFACES-3883] - c:forEach with PSS enabled fails when add multiple rows
-     [MYFACES-3820] - UIInput.setSubmittedValue() cause recursive call when calling getSubmittedValue()
on Debug
-     [MYFACES-3821] - Implement UIData.setDataModel(...)
-     [MYFACES-3824] - @FlowScope with no defining documentId set cannot found active flow
with explicit documentId
-     [MYFACES-3829] - alwaysRecompile logged as wrong value for org.apache.myfaces.CACHE_EL_EXPRESSIONS
on startup
-     [MYFACES-3830] - Component created using @FacesComponent with createTag=true and @ResourceDependency
makes initialization fail
-     [MYFACES-3831] - CacheELFaceletCacheImpl is not storing the compiled template (only
when "alwaysRecompile" is enabled)
-     [MYFACES-3832] - disableClientWindow is not fully implemented
-     [MYFACES-3834] - Restore org.apache.myfaces.config.impl.digester.elements.FacesConfig
to avoid tomee integration to fail
-     [MYFACES-3835] - ViewState gets truncated on chrome with richfaces fileupload component
-     [MYFACES-3836] - f:ajax disabled=false in commandButton with onclick prevents form submission
-     [MYFACES-3837] - ui:debug renders an &amp; but it should be & because the markup
is inside a CDATA section
-     [MYFACES-3838] - LegacyUserTagHandler should implement ComponentContainerHandler
-     [MYFACES-3839] - Relative implicit link not found when it reference parent nodes.
- Improvement
-     [MYFACES-3804] - Use the same key in server side state saving for ajax requests
-     [MYFACES-3806] - Destroy ViewScope beans when view is discarded from view state.
-     [MYFACES-3815] - Lazy instantiation of Renderer classes
-     [MYFACES-3819] - Allow override resource components using a tag handler
-     [MYFACES-3823] - [perf] use a preinitialized table of unique ids for UIViewRoot.createUniqueId(...)
-     [MYFACES-3825] - [perf] Cache EL expressions using an indirection for ui:param and user
tag attributes
-     [MYFACES-3828] - [perf] Do not store the namespace into state for dynamic components
- New Feature
-     [MYFACES-3664] - JSF View Pooling (going beyond JSF Stateless Mode)
-     [MYFACES-3647] - remove JspStateManagerImpl and other unused stuff in this area
-     [MYFACES-3715] - Remove unnecessary parameters or features from earlier versions in
MyFaces 2.2
-     [MYFACES-3809] - Add as a valid namespace for "c" jstl
library in facelets
-     [MYFACES-3810] - Add compatibility mode for facelets 1.1.x behavior
-     [MYFACES-3811] - Fix c:forEach behavior once for all
-     [MYFACES-3812] - Cleanup Facelets Initialization Code and decouple facelets taglibrary
config parsing
-     [MYFACES-3813] - Cleanup org.apache.myfaces.config.impl.digester.elements package
-     [MYFACES-3814] - Allow ServiceProviderFinder to be initialized at startup
-     [MYFACES-3818] - Unify behavior of composite component renderer
-     [MYFACES-3822] - General cleanup and remove unused web config params
-     [MYFACES-3826] - Add junit test case for MyFaces and CDI
-     [MYFACES-3827] - Replace .xsd with the ones from geronimo or written from scratch
      [MYFACES-3884] - Add missing impl/src/test/resources/org/apache/myfaces/view/facelets/**/testComposite/*.xhtml
      [MYFACES-3885] - Add missing licenses to trivial js and xml files and exclude spi files
in pom to clean up rat output

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