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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Myfaces Wiki] Update of "TrinidadRelease211" by LeonardoUribe
Date Thu, 05 May 2016 23:27:41 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "TrinidadRelease211" page has been changed by LeonardoUribe:

New page:
== Notes on the MyFaces Trinidad 2.1.1 Release ==

 Release manager: Leonardo Uribe

== Timeline ==

 * Proposed release date: 2016-05-04

=== Issues ===

=== Testing ===

Here's how you can help us test the distribution.

Download a nightly build of the distribution assemblies:

Configure a <repository> for Maven 2:
           <name>Apache Snapshot Repository</name>
And declare a dependency on the 2.1.1 snapshots:

'''Note:''' Maven 2.2.10 will '''not''' download a new version if one is already present in
your local repository.  You will need to '''delete''' $M2_REPO/org/apache/myfaces/core to
force Maven to download the new version.  (Usually, $M2_REPO is <your home directory>/.m2/repository

Test your application, then, let us know the results (good or bad!) on ''dev -at-''.
 (You must be subscribed to post. See:

== Tasks ==

== Proposed Release Announcement ==

== Diary ==

      Follow the guide on

2. Preparing trinidad 2.1.10

  * Try -DdryRun=true SUCCESS

mvn clean install
mvn install -Pgenerate-assembly -Papache-release
mvn release:prepare -DprepareRelease=true -DdryRun=true

   * Release it! FAIL

mvn release:prepare -DprepareRelease=true -Dresume=false
mvn install
mvn install -Pgenerate-assembly -Papache-release
mvn release:rollback -DprepareRelease=true 
mvn release:prepare -DprepareRelease=true -Dresume=false

     Note: Preparing the release will create the new tag in SVN, automatically checking in
on your behalf.

     Note: If you're located in Europe then release:prepare may fail with 'Unable to tag SCM'
and 'svn: No such revision X'. Wait 10 seconds and run mvn release:prepare again.

mvn release:prepare -DprepareRelease=true

   * Stage the release for a vote

mvn release:perform -DperformRelease=true

  * Checkout generated tag mvn install -DperformRelease=true

4. JIRA Release Management

   * Create 2.1.2 version
   * Find resolved issues and close them
   * Issues fixed on both 2.1.1 should be saved on a text file to add it later.

6. Get assembly from nexus repo (trinidad-assembly) 



I was running the needed tasks to get the 2.2.10 release of Apache
MyFaces core out.

The artifacts passed the TCK test of Feb 2013 (

Please note that this vote concerns all of the following parts:
 1. Maven artifact group "org.apache.myfaces.shared" v4.2.8  [1]
 2. Maven artifact group "org.apache.myfaces.core" v2.2.10  [1]

The artifacts were deployed on nexus repo [1] and to my private 
Apache account [3] for binary and source packages.

The release notes could be found at [4].

Also the clirr test does not show binary incompatibilities with myfaces-api.

Please take a look at the "2.2.10" artifacts and vote!

Please note: This vote is "majority approval" with a minimum of three
+1 votes (see [3]).

[ ] +1 for community members who have reviewed the bits
[ ] +0
[ ] -1 for fatal flaws that should cause these bits not to be released,
 and why..............

Leonardo Uribe


8. Clirr report to check binary incompatibilities success

9. Vote closed, starting distribution

  * Publish on dist svn folder
  * Add release to 
  * Site deploy for shared and core (mvn site:site and mvn site:deploy)

10. Announce

   * Sent announcement mail
     * To:,
     * Cc:,
   * Sent announcement to (Necessary for TCK certified releases)

Subject: [ANNOUNCE] MyFaces Core v2.2.10 Release

The Apache MyFaces team is pleased to announce the release of MyFaces Core 2.2.10.

MyFaces Core is a JavaServer(tm) Faces 2.2 implementation as specified by JSR-344.

The artifacts passed the TCK test of Feb 2013 (

MyFaces Core 2.2.10 is available in both binary and source distributions.


MyFaces Core is also available in the central Maven repository under Group ID "org.apache.myfaces.core".

Release Notes - MyFaces Core - Version 2.2.10 


    [MYFACES-3904] - jsf.util.Chain() is rendered with wrong event source
    [MYFACES-3905] - The caption facet is not documented for the tag <h:datatable>.
    [MYFACES-3926] - Disabled h:outputLink renders invalid attributes
    [MYFACES-3959] - f:metadata inside ui:remove will be also executed
    [MYFACES-3987] - NPE in FlashImpl.isKeepMessages
    [MYFACES-4022] - Faces Flows are not discovered when the web application is packaged inside
an EAR
    [MYFACES-4024] - Update the NOTICE.txt file in jsf.myfaces
    [MYFACES-4025] - Incorrect JS content-type
    [MYFACES-4030] - MyFaces CDI support is disabled if non-CDI application is loaded first
    [MYFACES-4031] - Facelets does not render empty XHTML attribute
    [MYFACES-4032] - upgrade common-beanutils to 1.9.2
    [MYFACES-4034] - submitForm() not defined for myfaces.JSF_JS_MODE 'minimal-modern'
    [MYFACES-4038] - Flow beans are destroyed before flow is finalized
    [MYFACES-4041] - EL evaluation fails when state is saved because FaceletState object is
not present


    [MYFACES-3497] - [perf] Improve EventHandler
    [MYFACES-3552] - [perf] pps: reduce amout of Object [] created in _DeltaList.saveState
    [MYFACES-3892] - Create a option to execute BeanValidation before JSF-Validation
    [MYFACES-4027] - Increase import range for javax.el-api to include version 3.0 of javax.el-api
    [MYFACES-4042] - Improve startup time by skipping classpath jar scan for *.faces-config.xml


    [MYFACES-4020] - Update commons-collections to 3.2.2


Leonardo Uribe


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