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From Joe Witt <>
Subject RAT exclusions for test resources
Date Sun, 15 Mar 2015 03:52:11 GMT

I've resolved all of the items raised in feedback for the 0.0.2
release excluding one item which will be discussed in a moment.  All
of the feedback and their disposition is captured in this JIRA

The only outstanding item is this feedback:

"One thing I'd fix for the next release is the exclusion of test
resources from the RAT check. Wouldn't it be better to do that by file
extension (e.g., */.json, */.avro) to avoid not checking files that
could have license headers?"

I would like to leave it as we have it now.  People should take care
to apply the apache license header to everything including test data
whenever possible.  But we must also be considerate of the fact that
test data is just that - test data.  It is important that data under
test mirrors exactly the data it is to be run against and certainly
data we'd be processing in the wild will not often have license
headers.  Given this I don't see how we can keep the RAT exclusion
list from turning into a mess.  I prefer to trust that the developers
are doing the right thing on test resources and keep the build simple.
For non test resources though we retain a very specific and strict

I'll close the ticket tracking the items raised for now but should
folks have a strong view here then certainly we can address it.


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