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From Joe Witt <>
Subject Re: Distinguishing between 0.2.0 vs 0.1.1 ?
Date Thu, 04 Jun 2015 02:12:23 GMT

The release-...rc13 branch is mostly something without purpose at this
point as far as I know.

Our master branch has the latest release tags on it and represents the
code immediately following the last release.  It is at
'0.1.1-SNAPSHOT'.  If we had some critical need to kick out a pure bug
fix only 0.1.1 we could branch off there and apply the fixes and do
so.  When we finalize a release we merge the results to both master
and develop for this reason.  Now, during the release process and
afterward the develop branch just keeps on trucking along.

So to your point about the roadmap that we definitely do need to
narrow in on.  We had a thread about what to do in 0.2.0 recently.
That brought up some good things, resulted in some JIRAs, etc..  I
plan to send an email out in a few that outlines a proposal for 0.2.0
and 0.3.0 based on reviewing all tickets and such today.

The previous email about versioning describes a bit of the challenge
we face with ever really having much likelihood of a patch/incremental
release given the intent to adhere to semver at this stage.  Not a big
thing - just a thing.  But if we want to or need to we definitely can
so that is the key point.


On Mon, Jun 1, 2015 at 11:00 AM, Dan Bress <> wrote:
> Aldrin,
>    I agree that a roadmap of features/bug fixes and future versions would help (me) understand
the path forward.
>     Do we anticipate our next release will be a bug fix release(0.1.1) or a feature release(0.2.0)
>     Is there any reason we cannot work towards both of these releases simultaneously?
>     If we decide to do a bug fix release, in which branch in git will those changes be
>        - It feels like these changes would need to be done in a separate, so as not to
include the 0.2.0 features that people may be working on.
> Dan Bress
> Software Engineer
> ONYX Consulting Services
> ________________________________________
> From: Aldrin Piri <>
> Sent: Sunday, May 31, 2015 10:44 AM
> To:
> Subject: Re: Distinguishing between 0.2.0 vs 0.1.1 ?
> Good questions and points of discussion.
> I don't believe we have a clear path for handling this particular
> distinction, and would advocate for the community to devise a roadmap (our
> newly allocated Wiki would be a prime candidate).  We had a request for
> features to tackle moving forward and received a lot of great feedback.
> Would like to see maybe reviving that thread and figuring out a consensus
> for the best path forward.  The things that are in 0.2.0 will likely need
> some considerable planning and design, so creating associated pages for the
> big features so we can hash that out, reference, and discuss would provide
> a nice, collaborative space to help make those notions more concrete.
> To that end, I think most tickets that provide these quick shots of
> functionality and fixes are apt for another 0.1.x release in lieu of the
> 0.2.0.   As far as your concerns from branching, I think git actually buys
> you a lot from this standpoint with its (relatively) easy branch management
> and rebasing to keep branches good to go.  To that end, develop is still
> the source for branches, however there may be logistics on when and how
> that is merged depending on scope.
> Not sure I completely follow the point about the release branch you
> mention, although I think that may just be a remnant of the last release
> process.  The appropriate version is captured as a tag as I would
> anticipate.
> On Fri, May 29, 2015 at 8:55 AM, Dan Bress <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Joe recently brought up the idea of thinking about what new features go in
>> 0.2.0 and what bug fixes go in 0.1.1. Did we make a decision on that? I
>> bring it up because I could see three tickets being fixed/released
>> (quickly) in 0.1.1 (NIFI-633, NIFI-632, NIFI-638).
>> If we decide to do an 0.1.1, did we decide how that gets handled from a
>> git/branching point of view?  Currently develop is labeled
>> '0.1.1-SNAPSHOT', and so is release-nifi-0.1.0-rc13<
>> So where would 0.1.1 fixes go, and where would 0.2.0 features go?
>> Dan Bress
>> Software Engineer
>> ONYX Consulting Services

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