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From Ryan Blue <>
Subject Re: eliminate nifi-parent, split out nifi-nar-maven-plugin, have nifi in its own tree
Date Thu, 13 Aug 2015 17:51:33 GMT
What is the current distinction between master and develop? Master is 
stable and develop is where new changes go? The reason I suggest just 
having master is that it follows the convention that other projects use. 
Master is where new development happens and releases or more stable 
branches are marked appropriately.


On 08/13/2015 08:46 AM, Joe Witt wrote:
> All,
> Am filing the infra tickets now.  I forgot that we had 'nifi-site' at
> the root level too.  So requesting two new git repositories in Apache
> Infra.  Will not be asking to have them mirrored to Github as it
> doesn't seem worth it/necessary.
> 'nifi-maven'
> 'nifi-site'
> Actions:
> Once these two new git repositories are created i will move the
> appropriate nifi-nar-maven-plugin items into it and terminate the
> current directory.  Then I'll move the nifi-site directory content
> into the new nifi-site repository and then delete the directory.
> Once that is sorted we can discuss whether we care to keep
> develop/master or simply go to master as Ryan suggests.
> Thanks
> Joe
> On Mon, Aug 10, 2015 at 5:13 PM, Joe Witt <> wrote:
>> Ryan
>> Correct the latest code depends on latest nifi nar maven plugin.
>> I would be absolutely fine personally with eliminating develop and just
>> using master.  Given that the releases are tagged i personally dont get the
>> value here vs the extra work required.
>> Anybody feel strongly for keeping master and dev as they are and if so can
>> you please state how the current model has helped you contribute or how the
>> proposed model would not?
>> Thanks
>> Joe
>> On Aug 10, 2015 11:43 AM, "Ryan Blue" <> wrote:
>>> +1
>>> I think separate git repos is a great idea. One thing to clarify, too:
>>> most of the time the nifi project relies on the last nifi-nar-maven-plugin
>>> release, right? So that should be transparent for most people building the
>>> project. It would only be awkward for someone updating the maven plugin and
>>> testing it out locally because the develop branch should always track a
>>> release.
>>> Speaking of the develop branch... what about using master like most
>>> projects after this change?
>>> rb
>>> On 08/10/2015 07:32 AM, Joe Witt wrote:
>>>> Team,
>>>> We've seen and heard the confusion of folks trying to build NiFi's
>>>> goofy three step build process with parent, nar plugin, and nifi.  I
>>>> propose to do the following:
>>>> 1) Eliminate the nifi-parent by pushing anything necessary back into
>>>> nifi-nar-maven-plugin.  The DRY concept is valid but just not worth a
>>>> third project at this point given how little it avoids meaningful
>>>> repetition on.
>>>> 2) Create a new apache git repo for 'nifi-maven-plugins' and move the
>>>> 'nifi-nar-maven-plugin' content into it.
>>>> 3) Remove the nifi-parent and nifi-nar-maven-plugin from nifi folder
>>>> and promote the current 'nifi' sub folder to the top level.
>>>> Why: Folks are confused as to why they need to build all three and it
>>>> is odd that in a given project folder you would have to each manually.
>>>> It is just not a generally appreciated fact that you cannot have a
>>>> dependency on a maven plugin within the same reactor build that uses
>>>> that builds that plugin.  By cleaning this up people can just download
>>>> the source and build it.  We don't have to have any protracted build
>>>> cycles for 'nifi maven plugings' anymore leaving dependency on a
>>>> snapshot in the nifi tree.
>>>> If there seems to be consensus on this i'll put in the infra ticket soon.
>>>> Thanks
>>>> Joe
>>> --
>>> Ryan Blue
>>> Software Engineer
>>> Cloudera, Inc.

Ryan Blue
Software Engineer
Cloudera, Inc.

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