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From Andre <>
Subject Should we have an easier way to implement ListenBlah processors?
Date Mon, 30 Nov 2015 02:01:42 GMT

I am trying to give it a go on NIFI-856 (I'm not a coder either but
decided to take the challenge).

As I try to get my head around it I've noticed that coding "Listeners"
for NiFi is sort of a nightmare. (please take no offense, it is just a
sincere unskilled code statement).

I've looked at ListenHTTP, ListenUDP and ListenSyslog for inspiration,
I got the impression they all seem to have a need to tackle the
transmission of messages between the Listener "daemon" and the
onTrigger method. (e.g. syslogEvents within ListenSyslog).

Is this understanding correct?

If so,  Shouldn't the framework contain something that makes it easier
to write this sort of processor instead of having to recreate them?

I say that because nearly every Listen processors will:

1. Bind to a socket;
2. Receive messages;
3. Read messages;
4. Add them flowfile;
5. Acknowledge receipt;

Where 4 and 5 are usually applicable to some protocols (like Logstash,
RELP, RLTP, etc).

Keen to hear your thoughts


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