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From Joe Witt <>
Subject friendly reminder about community building behaviors
Date Mon, 02 Nov 2015 13:32:58 GMT

I think overall we're doing a really great job at this but there is a
thread going about another project that I think we all need to be
cognizant of here too.

The basic gist is the danger of the pattern that can exist where a
JIRA ticket is created, quickly processed, committed, and then closed.
Such a process can restrict community interaction.  It is often a sign
of excessive off-list/outside of community discussion.

Early on as we entered Incubation a few wise folks urged us to use
review then commit.  That has proven to be one of the best pieces of
advice we've received.  In addition to that we must also ensure we do
a good job of putting roadmap items out on the wiki as far as
possible.  We must use the email lists for anything necessary.  If we
have off-list conversations/discussions regarding Apache NiFi we must
ensure those get copied back into the lists/JIRA as appropriate too.

Again I think we're doing quite a good job of this and I just send
this as a reminder.


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