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From bmichaud <>
Subject Re: NiFi cannot start due to log permissions error
Date Mon, 09 Jan 2017 19:43:12 GMT
Aldrin Piri wrote
> Currently, NIFI_HOME is determined via the physical location of the script
> and thus the reason why it is picking up the other path.  Typically, the
> bin directory is not one that is suggested to be configured external to
> the
> distribution in the interest of facilitating upgrade processes.

I can see that in the script.

Aldrin Piri wrote
> I see throughout the logs and final stacktrace that the path
> /app_2/software/nifi/nifi-1.1.0/ is listed, but do not see that in either
> of the listings you provided.  Could you please provide how that
> relates to /app_2/software/nifi/latest?
> Another symlink?

Yes, "latest" is a symlink pointing to the latest nifi-1.*.* directory
installed in the /app_2/software/nifi directory.

Aldrin Piri wrote
> Does explicitly setting your NIFI_HOME (/app_2/runtime/nifi) in
> resolve this issue for you?

I did not try that, but, when I tried to change the to take the
PHYS_DIR variable to be the dirname of $0, but that did not work. However,
my current work-around is to have a copy of the bin directory in the
runtime/nifi directory.

I would prefer not to do this, as it does make upgrades messier, but I am
currently more concerned about the next error I got: 

InvalidKeyException: Illegal key size

and I am trying to resolve that with a smaller password on my keystore and
truststore files. ( 

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