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From Mark Payne <>
Subject Re: how to cleanup all user data manually?
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2017 12:40:34 GMT

If you are seeing the UI become unresponsive, it's generally due to one of two things:

1. The system is over-utilized. How many CPU's are available on the system? How many
active threads do you have at any one time? Is your disk fully utilized (you can generally
this if running Linux by running something like `iostat -xmh 5` and see if the disk utilization
close to 100%).

2. The system is constantly performing garbage collection. What size is the NiFi heap? This
can be determined by running `jstat -gcutil <nifi pid> 5000` and looking at how many
Full Garbage
Collections are taking place. If it's less than 5 or so then you're probably not struggling
with Garbage
Collection. If the number keeps increasing though, then this is the likely culprit.

Are you running standalone or in clustered mode? If in clustered mode, any one node could
sluggish response times because the node that you're making the request to would have to replicate
that request to all nodes and then aggregate the response.


> On Sep 21, 2017, at 3:22 AM, <> <> wrote:
> Hi, All,
> I'm using NiFi 1.3.0 after creating several workflows (e.g. import a large 
> tabel form Oracle DB to Hive)
> the NiFi becomes very unstable. E.g. a blank window popup after clicking 
> the 'Templates' menu item.
> So I want to clean up all my data used by NiFi manually since the UI is 
> very unstable.
> I want to remove all following data:
> 1. flow.xml.gz
> 2. /opt/nifi/data
> 3. /opt/nifi/current/database_repository
> Are these enought? Do I need to delete some data in Hive, MySQl or HDFS?
> Thanks 
> Boying
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