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From Mohammed Nadeem <>
Subject Re: SSLHandshake Exception from Site-to-Site
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2019 09:41:35 GMT
Thanks again Koji for replying and understanding my concern,

I did apply the changes you suggested but still i'm getting same
SSLHandshake error. I believe the Site2Site Remote Listener doesn't run a
server socket with the hostname we specify in *''* in instead it uses wildcard ipaddress ** to bind
serversocket to all network interfaces to listen for incoming request from
site-to-site client, please check this line of code -  link for code line in
socketremotelisterner class

. Since the serversocket is listening on all network interfaces and it waits
for the client to accept the connection, it runs a continuous while loop
waiting to accept the connection from client, please check this segment of
code as well

. In kubernetes, some anonymous client is able to get through the connection
to serversocket and while performing handshake its throwing the SSLHandshake

This anonymous client has hostname which as ip-10-200-25-3.compute.internal
with randorm port and thats how the socketremotelisterner tries to creates
SSLsocketchannel with this anonymous client and it throws the error.

Please see the attached image i created explaining the root cause for this
error, Please do suggest if I'm correct or wrong.


Thanks again,

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