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From vikramas <>
Subject In nifi usgae of Evaluate jsonpath processor will it affect performance impact because of attribute creation
Date Sun, 26 May 2019 14:51:27 GMT
I'm trying to integrate nifi REST API's with my application. So by mapping
input and output from my application, I am trying to call nifi REST api for
flow creation. So, in my use case most of the times I will extract the JSON
values and will apply expression languages.

So, for simplifying all the use-cases I am using evaluate JSONpath processor
for fetching all attributes using jsonpath and apply expression language
function on that in extract processor. Below is the flow diagram regarding


Is it the right approach because for JSON to JSON manipulation having 30
keys this is the simplest way, and as I am trying to integrate nifi REST
API's with my application I cannot generate JOLT transformation logic
dynamically based on the user mapping.

So, in this case, does the usage of evaluating JSONpath processor creates
any performance issues for about 50 use case with different transformation
logic because as I saw in documentation attribute usage creates
performance(regarding memory) issues.

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