Great it works, now, is it possible to get like a .txt from the GetFile flow and use it to execute a java -jar <file from flow> as an input value?

2015-09-25 17:56 GMT-05:00 Odin Guillermo Caudillo Gallegos <>:
Ok i'll give it a try

2015-09-25 17:40 GMT-05:00 Rick Braddy <>:
I think I misread your inquiry.  ExecuteProcess is scheduled only by Timer or Cron schedule today; however, ExecuteStreamCommand support the "Event" trigger method, which may meet your needs.


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Not today.  GetFile must start a flow.

There are discussions underway on a proposal to introduce some new file processors that are event triggered and dynamically configured (incoming FlowFile contains path to file)


> On Sep 25, 2015, at 5:28 PM, Odin Guillermo Caudillo Gallegos <> wrote:
> Hi, is it possible to run the ExecuteProcess after using GetFile? The idea is to not use the scheduling feature but trigger it with GetFile.
> Thanks