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From M Singh <>
Subject Nifi - Invoke Http (GetHttp) in a loop until a condition is true
Date Sun, 08 Nov 2015 18:09:41 GMT
I am working on a data flow that involves repeated polling a http endpoint and based on a
status flag in the response, fetch the results or poll the endpoint again.
So, the flow is    
   - Submit a query
   - Check the results of the query at a status endpoint returned from the query submission.

   - job status is complete, then get the results from results endpoint and save it in a file
   - job status is still in progress, then make another request to the status endpoint in
a loop until the status is complete

I am stuck on how to implement the second part of step 2 above (repeatedly poll a http endpoint
for status complete using a status flag).
I could not figure out if there is any Nifi processor that can create a loop among the processors
(in my case GetHttp).  If there any pattern that combines the processors for creating the
loop, please let me know.

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