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From Adam Lamar <>
Subject High CPU usage in
Date Fri, 13 Nov 2015 05:27:00 GMT
Hi everybody!

I'm following up from my previous thread about high CPU usage in GetSQS. 
I ran into high CPU usage while developing a patch for that processor, 
and while investigating with "top", I noticed one NiFi thread in 
particular showed high CPU usage, even after turning off all processors 
and restarting NiFi.

A jstack showed this thread was busy at line 
1287 [1]. Since that is a continue statement, it suggests that the 
thread was churning in the surrounding for loop.

I didn't debug any further, but I did add a sleep statement just before 
the continue, and CPU usage dropped wildly, settling around 2-4%.

I hope this is useful information, and I'm happy to debug further if needed.



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