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From Jeff <>
Subject JSON / Avro issues
Date Thu, 05 Nov 2015 21:05:28 GMT

I built a simple flow that reads a tab separated file and attempts to convert to Avro.

ConvertCSVtoAvro just says that the conversion failed.  

Where can I find more information on what the failure was? 

Using the same sample tab separated file, I create a JSON file out of it.  

The JSON to Avro processor also fails with very little explication.

With regard to the ConvertCSVtoAvro processor
	Since my file is tab  delimited, do I simple open the "CSV delimiter” property, delete
, and hit the tab key or is there a special syntax like ^t?
	My data has no CSV quote character so do I leave this as “or delete it or check the empty

With regard to the ConvertJSONtoAvro
	What is the expected JSON source file to look like?
		 {fields values … },
		 {fields values …}
		 {fields values … }
		 {fields values …}
	or something else.

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