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From Juan Jose Escobar <>
Subject Re: Collaboration?
Date Tue, 17 Nov 2015 09:20:46 GMT
Hello, Darren,

We are using Nifi collaboratively but the team of people using it is not
yet that large, so we can coordinate without problems even in production
clusters. In some cases, when you are performing some action on the UI you
may get "This NiFi instance has been updated by '<user>'. Please refresh to
synchronize the view" (a warning is also shown in the toolbar even if you
do nothing). Hitting refresh is okeish for us for now...

You can organize your flow in different dataflows that run concurrently.
Flows can be independent or data can flow between them just by connecting
processors. Note that "flows" here are just a logical division, but there
is nothing in Nifi separating them as far as I know. You can still organize
flows using Process Groups so that everything more structured, at least

For version control we keep the flow in git. You can request a backup using
the API and move that into Git. You can have a cron job script for that.
You may decompress the flow to have an XML format, just be strict on

Also, if you want to isolate flows in version control, you can save the
specific parts as templates and put that in Git (we do that only for sub
flows that are not part of the standard setup, kind of optional).
Separating the templates that form the actual flow may help your team to
work concurrently, but we are not doing that since we haven't hit
concurrent access problems yet.

Curious to hear about better ways to do these things...


On Mon, Nov 16, 2015 at 6:46 PM, darren <> wrote:

> Hi
> How are people using nifi collaboratively with various people designing
> flows that may or may not be used together?
> Also how are people doing version control of flows e.g. in git?
> Thanks
> D
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