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From Andre <>
Subject TailFile: Wildcards and filenames
Date Sun, 15 Nov 2015 05:39:37 GMT
Hi there,

I am trying to push the boundaries of the TailFile processor and
noticed an interesting behavior:

First I configure the File to Tail to "/log_path/test1"

I then configure "Rolling Filename Pattern to *"

I then start the processor and generate data:

$ echo AAAA > test1
$ echo AAAA > test1
$ echo BBBB > test1
$ echo CCCC > test1

Until here everything goes by the book. All data is tailed. No losses.

I then test my workaround to NIFI-1170

$ echo DDDD > test2
$ echo EEEE > test3
$ echo FFFF > test4

Data is not ingested. So far so good, we are dealing with a hack after all. :-)

However to my surprise when I tested the following, NiFi failed to
identify the two lines being fed into files matching the Rolling
Filename Pattern Expression:

$ echo GGGG > test11
$ echo HHHH > test12

I than stopped the processor and restarted. NiFI then proceeds to
ingest the data present in all files without duplication.

Is that the expected behaviour?


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