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From Joe Witt <>
Subject Re: Question on EvaluateJSONPath
Date Fri, 06 Nov 2015 23:07:18 GMT

Let me frame it differently and lets see if that does what you'd like.

Input is a CSV file.

Transform is to filter out CSV entries which do not match desired criteria.

Output is a JSON file.

If that is correct how about this flow:

SplitText (1 line at time)
RouteText (to find matching lines and filter out the rest)
MergeContent to smash the entries back together
Transform bundles to AVRO then JSON

Would that take care of it?


On Fri, Nov 6, 2015 at 5:58 PM, Chris Campbell <> wrote:
> I’m converting CSV files to JSON and I want to extract only desired records
> from the files based on the first column.
> I used ConvertCSVtoAvro and then ConvertAvroToJSON that that gave me JSON
> output that looks good.
> [{"field1": "rtapushevq", "field2": "CONFCOAT_SIDE2", "field3": "PVA4",
> "field4": "ata", "field5": "NO", "field6": "151030.000027", "field7": "1",
> "field8": "28364681B620RR1519501012427601", "field9": "GFE_POWER",
> "field10": "GM"},{"field1": "rtapushevq", "field2": "SELSOLDERINSP",
> "field3": "SELSOLDERINSP1", "field4": "ata", "field5": "NO", "field6":
> "151030.000040", "field7": "1", "field8": "533052945601", "field9":
> "CHARGER_LVL", "field10": "BMW"},{"field1": "rtapushevq", "field2":
> "LVL_ASSY11", "field3": "LVL_STA11", "field4": "ata", "field5": "NO",
> …
> However, when I try to extract the value of field1 into an attribute using
> EvaluateJSONPath (looking at $.field1) it doesn’t appear to give me what I
> want. I suspect that is because the JSON is formatted as an array rather
> than one JSON object per input record.
> Can you suggest a way to process the JSON output record-by-record?

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