I’m converting CSV files to JSON and I want to extract only desired records from the files based on the first column.


I used ConvertCSVtoAvro and then ConvertAvroToJSON that that gave me JSON output that looks good.


[{"field1": "rtapushevq", "field2": "CONFCOAT_SIDE2", "field3": "PVA4", "field4": "ata", "field5": "NO", "field6": "151030.000027", "field7": "1", "field8": "28364681B620RR1519501012427601", "field9": "GFE_POWER", "field10": "GM"},{"field1": "rtapushevq", "field2": "SELSOLDERINSP", "field3": "SELSOLDERINSP1", "field4": "ata", "field5": "NO", "field6": "151030.000040", "field7": "1", "field8": "533052945601", "field9": "CHARGER_LVL", "field10": "BMW"},{"field1": "rtapushevq", "field2": "LVL_ASSY11", "field3": "LVL_STA11", "field4": "ata", "field5": "NO",


However, when I try to extract the value of field1 into an attribute using EvaluateJSONPath (looking at $.field1) it doesn’t appear to give me what I want. I suspect that is because the JSON is formatted as an array rather than one JSON object per input record.


Can you suggest a way to process the JSON output record-by-record?