Thanks Joe. I will give those tips a try. I also had timeouts trying to restart NiFi so I'm not sure whether it was those processes that caused that.
On Tue, 24 Nov 2015 at 1:30 AM, Mark Payne <> wrote:

Just to expand upon what Joe mentioned below.

When you say that it immediately becomes stuck when you restart, I assume
that means that you're restarting with it running. If you tell the processor to stop
and restart, it should not begin running. This way you wouldn't need to change
the autoResumeState. Unless I'm misunderstanding something?

Also, when you run "bin/ dump" it is often easier to specify a filename there
such as "bin/ dump thread-dump.txt" so that it writes the thread dump to the
filename specified, rather than writing it to the logs.


> On Nov 23, 2015, at 9:25 AM, Joe Witt <> wrote:
> Chris,
> If you run into a case of a stuck thread we'd love to see the stack
> trace.  You can generate one by running 'bin/ dump' and sending
> us the logs.  I believe it is bootstrap.log specifically.
> If you have a processor which immediately gets stuck after startup
> where it takes a thread and never relinquishes even if told to stop
> then that does present a tricky situation for a user today.  We need
> to provide a mechanism [1] whereby the user can say 'kill' and we'd
> take that thread off into some special space and whatever sessions(s)
> it has are automatically rolled-back no matter what.  Right now the
> approach you'd have to take is to set conf/
>   nifi.flowcontroller.autoResumeState=false
> Then restart and now you can change/tweak/fix/test that processor
> because all processes will come up stopped.  Just remember to change
> that setting back :-)
> Now, perhaps add additional copies of that processor to the graph and
> tweak settings to find what is ultimately holding it up.  Tell it to
> redirect the error stream, try the command manually, etc..
> [1]
> Thanks
> Joe
> On Mon, Nov 23, 2015 at 8:45 AM, Chris Teoh <> wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> I have a processor stuck with a process (1 displayed in top right corner).
>> How do I stop this? I have tried restarting NiFi but it comes back with the
>> same issue.
>> Kind Regards
>> Chris