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From "BOUKRAA, Kacem" <>
Subject Is it possible to to create a dynamic Processor through API call from PHP
Date Tue, 29 Dec 2015 09:55:37 GMT
Hello everyone,

So i'm subscribing to an API Callback in a Web service that send a post
request once new data is available. I'm receiving this call through PHP.

Is it possible to trigger a processor to retrieve the whole data and launch
the workflow of processing for that data through another API Call from my
PHP Code?

(Web service send an API Callback --> My PHP code was listening --> Send an
API call to Nifi to launch a processor with specific attributes)

Another question: It seems like Nifi has ListenHTTP processor. does it
allow to have an url to be used as a callback (which means is accessible
through the network to be used as a API Callback url?).

Thanks in advance.

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