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From Joe Witt <>
Subject Re: ListHDFS - Invalidate Cache / force new listing?
Date Fri, 04 Dec 2015 01:03:09 GMT
Understood.  As you look at the app and you're thinking 'hey i'd like
to wipe this cache' how would you like that to work?  Just looking for
ideas on how to do this in an intuitive way.

On Thu, Dec 3, 2015 at 8:00 PM, Michael Dyer <> wrote:
> Yeah, I was trying to avoid that.
> I'm attempting to retrieve a listing on a periodic basis and then perform a
> series of steps based on the files.
> This is the only processor I've found that will return `hdfs.lastModified`
> and I'm going to use that value to distribute out the files into subfolders
> based on year/month/date.  It's been a real PITA to test because I of the
> cache issue.

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