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From Russell Whitaker <>
Subject "Processor requires an upstream connection" for FetchS3Object?
Date Wed, 13 Jan 2016 01:37:47 GMT
I'm running v0.4.1 Nifi, and seeing this (taken from nifi-app.log,
also seeing on mouseover of the "!" icon on the processor on the

2016-01-12 17:08:50,357 ERROR [NiFi Web Server-18]
o.a.nifi.groups.StandardProcessGroup Unable to start
FetchS3Object[id=f4253204-a2e2-4ce6-ba09-9415e8024dca] due to {}
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Processor FetchS3Object is not in a
valid state due to ['Upstream Connections' is invalid because
Processor requires an upstream connection but currently has none]

FetchS3Object "Retrieves the contents of an S3 Object and writes it to
the content of a FlowFile," which would seem to indicate this is an
"edge" processor that doesn't expect a flowfile from an upstream

The "Tags" on the doc are: "Amazon, S3, AWS, Get, Fetch"

The processor configuration settings themselves strongly indicate it
expects to connect to S3 using the supplied
credentials/bucket/objectkey settings, with no upstream processor.

But I get this error. What am I missing? There's no GetS3Object
anymore; surely this is the edge processor for directly downloading S3
objects, yes? There's no "ListS3Object" processor type which might
hypothetically populate attributes for FetchS3Object to act upon.

Also, there are these obviously incorrect copy/paste lines in the
Relationships area of the API doc referenced above:

"success - FlowFiles are routed to success after being successfully
copied to Amazon S3"
"failure - FlowFiles are routed to failure if unable to be copied to Amazon S3"

No, that's obviously lifted from the PutS3Object doc page, where it's
actually correct:

Anyone have any insight into this? Thanks in advance.


Russell Whitaker

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