What version of NiFi are your running?


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Thanks for suggestion.   The meesage is definitely related to when the flow contains the remote process group (not necessarily the site-to-site communication).   When I remove the RPG from the flow, the message stops appearing.   Adding it back, generates the message.  


I took your suggestion and made sure the value was set on dev1 and restarted the nifi instance on both dev1 and dev2.   Upon reboot, I see a message in dev1's log with the message:


... Unable to determine whether or not site-to-site communications  with peer should be secure


I'm guessing that validates your thought on the network (and/or the SSL setup) is incorrect on these machines.  Is there a good way to test how NIFI is determining the IP?   Note, I tried using the IP directly but got error messages in the log that the HTTPS hostname is wrong.


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Subject: Re: trouble with remote process groups.

  The message you provided had nothing to do with your site-to-site not working between hosts. The likely problem is caused by unknown host problems. In your configuration file under the site-to-site section there are 3 properties (host, port, and secure). My guess is you configured a port and change secure to false but left host blank. It if likely your host is resolving to localhost and sending that in the connection URL for S2S communication. Try populating host with a hostname that the other NiFi can resolve our an IP and restart. Let us know if that solves your S2S problem.


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To whom it may concern;


I'm attempting to create a remote process group and send data to it from a number of hosts.   First, I set up a couple of input ports and verified that I could create a remote process group connection from the same host.   When I try to repeat the remote access from another host, I cannot see any of the input ports defined and I see entries in the sending hosts log with the message:


"A message body reader for Java class niagarafiles.web.api.entity.ControllerEntity, and Java type class niagarafiles.web.api.entityt.ControllerEntity and MIME media type application/json was not found"


Afterwards, there is a list of compatible MIME media types...


So, 2 questions:

1) why does this work locally and not remotely

2) what configuration might I be missing in the remote configuration


Thank you in advance for your time and effort.