PS. I would happily release any templates free and open on GIT Hub for anyone else to use or learn from.

On Sat, Jan 2, 2016 at 10:39 AM, Christopher Hamm <> wrote:

I finally got requirements nailed down for my project which means I can now start building stuff out. 

  Honestly, all I need to find is a template that fits the needs of the project that works well in NIFI. If I had a boilerplate template with the following criteria, I could easily form it with much more details.

What I am basically looking for:

1) Initial input will come from outside JMS (*java messaging system) based technology.
2) Parsing of message from JMS to extract text and output clean textTake clean final values
3) create new or update (*if main id exists already) field record values of a MySql DB

For more exact template I am happy to pay someone to do the work, I just need to know the rate.

Many thanks

If you would like to talk more let me know your availability.

Chris Hamm