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From Rich Kroll <>
Subject Dependent processing of files compressed files.
Date Mon, 22 Feb 2016 19:22:53 GMT
Hello all,
We are prototyping an NiFi based bulk load use case and have run into a
challenge that I hope one of you can help with.  We have the following file


What we are trying to accomplish is to decompress the file and for each xml
file, invoke a remote HTTP to create a new user and after successful
creation post each file within the attachments folder to another RESTful
HTTP endpoint using the identifier of the newly created user.

Picking up, decompressing, and creating each user by using a
RouteOnAttribute and InvokeHTTP is working well, but I can't seem to wrap
my head around a way to get access to the files in the nested folder
associated to the current user.

Can anyone provide guidance on how to best structure a flow for this type
of use case?



Rich Kroll
Director of Software Engineering

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