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From Jeff - Data Bean Australia <>
Subject Generate URL based on different conditions
Date Wed, 17 Feb 2016 02:36:13 GMT

I got a use case like this:

There are two files, say fileA and fileB, both of them contains multiple
lines of items and used for generate URLs. However, the algorithm for
generating URLs are different. If items come from fileA, the URL template
looks like this:


If items come from fileB, the template looks like this:


I am going to create a NiFi template to for the Data Flow from reading the
list file up to downloading data using InvokeHTTP, and place a
UpdateAttribute processor in front of the template to feed in different
file names (I have only two files).

The problem I have so far is how to generate the URLs based on different
input, so that I can make a general NiFi template for reusability.


Data Bean - A Big Data Solution Provider in Australia.

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