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From Andre <>
Subject MergeContent: Correlation Attribute Name syntax for matching syslog events
Date Sun, 07 Feb 2016 13:35:55 GMT
Hi there,

I was playing with the ListenSyslog processor and hit something I wanted to
confirm is the expected behavior:

ListenSyslog (parse = false)

connects success to :


connects success to:

MergeContent ("Correlation Attribute Name" set to ${syslog.hostname} )

connects merged to:


It has been ages since I used MergeContent but I was wondering, wasn't
Correlation Attribute Name supposed to create the bins so dataflows
matching that attribute get bundled together?

If yes, Is ${syslog.hostname} the value I want or am I once again being
beaten by MergeContent and its black magic?

I ask because my dataflows are being bundled in accordance to size and age
of the bin but not binned in accordance to Is ${syslog.hostname}


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