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From Jeroen Jacobs <>
Subject Struggling with ExtractText
Date Mon, 01 Feb 2016 00:49:10 GMT


I'm looking at the documentation for the ReplaceText processor, and I'm at a total loss on
how I should get started. I have a flowfile with the following content:

/opsbot url logstash

I want to end up with the following attributes:

message.destination: opsbot

message.action: url

message.parameters: logstash

(an action can have multiple parameters. If that's the case, they should all end up in message.parameters).

How do I get started on this? Do I need to create 3 different attributes, each with their
own regex? This doesn't seem efficient. Or can I do this in one go? If so, can someone explain
me how, and what the correct regex should be?

A few examples on the documentation page could make this a lot more understandable to people
who are new to NiFi.

Kind regards,


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