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From Oleg Zhurakousky <>
Subject Help Wanted
Date Tue, 03 May 2016 13:58:13 GMT

I’d like to use this opportunity to address all members of the NiFi community hence this
email is sent to both mailing lists (dev/users)

While somewhat skeptical when I started 6 month ago, I have to admit that now I am very excited
to observe the growth and adaption of the Apache NiFi and say that in large part it’s because
of the healthy community that we have here - committers and contributors alike representing
variety of business domains.
This is absolutely great news for all of us and I am sure some if not all of you share this

That said and FWIW we need help!
While it’s great to wake up every morning to a set of new PRs and patches, we now have a
bit of a back log. In large this is due to the fact that most of our efforts are spent in
development as we all try to grow NiFi feature base. However we need to remember that PRs
and patches will remain as they are unless and until they are reviewed/agreed to be merged
by this same community and that is where we need help. While “merge" responsibilities are
limited to “committers”, “review” is the responsibility of every member of this community
and I would like to ask you if at all possible to redirect some of your efforts to this process.
We currently have 61 outstanding PRs and this particular development cycle is a bit more complex
then the previous ones since it addresses 0.7.0 and 1.0.0 releases in parallel (so different
approach to breaking changes if any etc.)


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