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From Kavinaesh Dheenadayalan <>
Subject Combining outputs in parallel returns a random output
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2016 05:25:17 GMT
Hi Team,

I am new to nifi and working on a demo to my colleagues.

I am creating a json by using this flow. The outputs of
ExecuteStreamCommand processor which are json attributes are combined to
create a json.
When these three ExecuteStreamCommand processors are connected sequentially
to an AttributesToJSON processor, the flow works fine with all the three
attributes getting populated in the final json.
But when I connect these three ExecuteStreamCommand processors in parallel,
only one random attribute gets populated in the final json.
Please let me know if there is a way to connect these processors in
parallel and get all the attributes in the final json. scheduling or
merging or any other option?

I have attached the templates, screen shots of the processors for your

*Wrong output when the flow is parallel:*

{ "checks": [  {  "Check_Type": "File_Delimiter_Validation",  *"value":
null* }, { "Check_Type": "File_Header_Validation", "value": "0" },  {
"Check_Type": "File_Trailer_Validation",  *"value": null *} ], "fileName":
"input.txt" }

*Correct output when the flow is sequential:*

{ "checks": [  {  "Check_Type": "File_Delimiter_Validation",  *"value":
"50"* }, { "Check_Type": "File_Header_Validation", "value": "0" },  {
"Check_Type": "File_Trailer_Validation",  *"value": "100" *} ], "fileName":
"input.txt" }

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