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From St├ęphane Maarek <>
Subject Re: How to control NiFi logging
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2016 00:22:24 GMT
Hi Andrew,

It looks like the settings don't work. only the main logs go to the
indicated folder, the other dated files still go to my internal log
ls /mnt/xvdf/logs
nifi-app.log  nifi-bootstrap.log  nifi-user.log

ls ~/nifi/logs/
nifi-app_2016-06-06_16.0.log   nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.1.log
nifi-app_2016-06-06_17.0.log   nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.20.log
nifi-app_2016-06-06_18.0.log   nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.21.log
nifi-app_2016-06-06_19.0.log   nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.22.log
nifi-app_2016-06-06_20.0.log   nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.23.log
nifi-app_2016-06-06_21.0.log   nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.24.log
nifi-app_2016-06-06_22.0.log   nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.25.log
nifi-app_2016-06-06_23.0.log   nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.26.log
nifi-app_2016-06-07_00.0.log   nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.27.log
nifi-app_2016-06-07_01.0.log   nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.28.log
nifi-app_2016-06-07_01.1.log   nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.29.log
nifi-app_2016-06-07_02.0.log   nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.2.log
nifi-app_2016-06-07_03.0.log   nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.30.log
nifi-app_2016-06-07_04.0.log   nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.31.log
nifi-app_2016-06-07_05.0.log   nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.32.log
nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.17.log  nifi-bootstrap_2016-06-06.log
nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.18.log  nifi-user_2016-06-06.log

Can you please check on your end and let me know what I need to change?


On Tue, Jun 7, 2016 at 9:49 AM Pat Trainor <> wrote:

> No wonder it looked like log4j! That's some pretty slick stuff, right
> there!
> On Jun 6 2016, at 8:06 am, Andrew Psaltis <>
> wrote:
>> Hi Pat,
>> It is all standard logback, described here:

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