There are two settings controlling each individual log. The sections are clearly commented within logback settings

You can read the instance in your logback.xml or read the one available online


On Wed, Jun 8, 2016 at 10:22 AM, Stéphane Maarek <> wrote:
Hi Andrew,

It looks like the settings don't work. only the main logs go to the indicated folder, the other dated files still go to my internal log folder...
ls /mnt/xvdf/logs
nifi-app.log  nifi-bootstrap.log  nifi-user.log

ls ~/nifi/logs/
nifi-app_2016-06-06_16.0.log   nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.1.log
nifi-app_2016-06-06_17.0.log   nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.20.log
nifi-app_2016-06-06_18.0.log   nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.21.log
nifi-app_2016-06-06_19.0.log   nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.22.log
nifi-app_2016-06-06_20.0.log   nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.23.log
nifi-app_2016-06-06_21.0.log   nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.24.log
nifi-app_2016-06-06_22.0.log   nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.25.log
nifi-app_2016-06-06_23.0.log   nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.26.log
nifi-app_2016-06-07_00.0.log   nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.27.log
nifi-app_2016-06-07_01.0.log   nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.28.log
nifi-app_2016-06-07_01.1.log   nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.29.log
nifi-app_2016-06-07_02.0.log   nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.2.log
nifi-app_2016-06-07_03.0.log   nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.30.log
nifi-app_2016-06-07_04.0.log   nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.31.log
nifi-app_2016-06-07_05.0.log   nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.32.log
nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.17.log  nifi-bootstrap_2016-06-06.log
nifi-app_2016-06-07_22.18.log  nifi-user_2016-06-06.log

Can you please check on your end and let me know what I need to change?


On Tue, Jun 7, 2016 at 9:49 AM Pat Trainor <> wrote:
No wonder it looked like log4j! That's some pretty slick stuff, right there!

On Jun 6 2016, at 8:06 am, Andrew Psaltis <> wrote:
Hi Pat,
It is all standard logback, described here: