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From Matt Gilman <>
Subject Re: UI sluggish in response
Date Tue, 11 Oct 2016 14:07:13 GMT

Given your first observation that the requests are taking a couple seconds,
it doesn't sound like that time is being spent being handled by NiFi (since
you said the logging indicates that each request is taking 2-20 millis).

Can you open the Dev Tools on your browser and click on the network tab?
You'll be able to see how long the requests take from your browser. You
could try to correlate these to the logging that you've already done. I'm
wondering if the delays are network latency.

If Dev Tools is also reporting low response times, then the time may be
spent processing the response and rendering the UI. However, 80 components
on your canvas does not seem like it's that many. What browser are you



On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 6:23 PM, Jagrut Sharma <>

> Thanks Matt.
> - There are 80 components on canvas.
> - NiFi is not clustered.
> -  DEBUG level for org.apache.nifi.web.filter.TimerFilter shows request
> duration somewhere between 2 and 20 millis.
> --
> Jagrut
> On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 12:26 PM, Matt Gilman <>
> wrote:
>> Jagrut,
>> There are a number of things we can look at in order to track down the
>> ultimate cause. A couple questions
>> - How many components are on the canvas? As the number of components
>> rendered on the canvas increase, the more resources your browser is going
>> to be using.
>> - Is your NiFi instance clustered? If so, the request must go to the NCM
>> and then replicated throughout the cluster before returning the response to
>> the browser. While these requests are replicated concurrently, this means
>> that each request is only going to be as fast as your slowest node (in
>> terms of handling user requests).
>> There is some logging which we can enable to track the response times for
>> each request. If you set debug level logging for org.apache.nifi.web.
>> filter.TimerFilter in your conf/logback.xml you should see some messages
>> in your log detailing the request duration.
>> With these details we should be able to help track down where the latency
>> is happening.
>> Matt
>> On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 3:15 PM, Jagrut Sharma <>
>> wrote:
>>> I am observing that moving a NiFi processor group on the canvas is
>>> taking a few seconds to complete. During this time, a spinning circle icon
>>> is visible beside the 'Stats last refreshed' time.
>>> NiFi version is 0.6.1. No flows are currently running, active threads =
>>> 0, queued = 0.
>>> Any pointers to debug the issue will be helpful.
>>> Thanks!
>>> --
>>> Jagrut

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