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From St├ęphane Maarek <>
Subject Best practices for pushing to production
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2016 02:37:47 GMT

How should we proceed to promote flow from dev to test to prod?
Basically, our stakeholders are not happy with having people modifying
anything in production (so it's a read-only environment), and basically
want people to draft / edit their flow in dev, push them to test, and then
to prod

I think this has a couple of challenges, such as :

0) How do you capture all the changes that were made? Is it a template, or
a list of API calls, or something else?
1) How do you programatically promote stuff from dev to test to prod? Stuff
that change between these environments are probably hostnames, etc
2) How do you edit a flow that's already been promoted to prod?
3) How to ensure that no data is left "hanging" in between processors
before a change to the flow? Or is it fine?

Interested in knowing how other companies do it, or manage their NiFi
cluster in production (what can be changed vs what can't)


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