Good evening,

I am a new member to the community so I do not know much about the current needs.
Still I'd like to point at which has an open-sourced IRC bridge ( for the heavy IRC users.
Overall imho a good Slack alternative, its aim is to provide chatrooms for developers.


On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 4:53 PM, Matt Burgess <> wrote:

I'd like to revisit the idea of having (and promoting) a Slack team
for the Apache NiFi community. We broached the subject in an email
thread a while back [1]. The email lists are great and IRC per se is
still popular in the open-source community, but I think for folks that
are more comfortable in the Slack environment, this would be another
good avenue for the community to get together.

We could perhaps add integrations with the email list(s), IRC
channel(s), GitHub, etc. as sort of a one-stop shop for NiFi
communication, or just use it for online collaboration.

I'm thinking it would be invite-only (to avoid bots, spam, etc.) but
that it would be fully open to the community, just an email to an
admin (such as myself) to request an invitation (kind of like a manual
version of the Apache Mailing List subscribe bot). The code of conduct
would be the Apache Software Foundation's CoC [2], as it is a
"communication channel used by our communities". I have seen this same
invite-only approach work well for other ASF projects with Slack

I grabbed a URL [3] just in case the community would like to proceed
( is taken, but if someone in the community owns it and
wants to use that instead, it's all good). The PMC would be
owners/admins, my email address ( could be the
destination for invite requests, and we could discuss what
integrations, access rights (creating new channels, e.g.), etc. are