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From Raf Huys <>
Subject puttcp
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2016 10:59:29 GMT
I'm having a simple flow GenerateFlowfile -> ReplaceText -> PutTCP which
should establish a TCP connection and send a small piece of text over that
connection every 60 seconds. This is established bij scheduling the first
processor as a cron job.

This pipeline works, until I start restarting our TCP server upstream.

What can happen is that the TCP server is unavailable (due to reasons...).
Nevertheless, when the TCP server becomes available again, the Nifi
pipeline should continue doing it's job.

However, what I observe is that the PutTCP processor start throwing the
following errors after the TCP became unavailable, and then available again:

Attempted to set Socket Buffer Size to ... bytes but could only set to ...
bytes. You may want to consider changing the Operating System's maximum
receive buffer

I find this message confusing because the messages we are sending are about
10 characters wide. Also, the time between between stopping/starting the
TCP server is a couple of seconds, which means there is no backpressure of
unsent flowfiles.

Properties of the PutTCP processor

   - Hostname localhost
   - Port 4001
   - Max Size of Socket Send Buffer 1 MB
   - Idle Connection Expiration 5 seconds
   - Connection Per FlowFile true
   - Outgoing Message Delimiter \r\n
   - Timeout 10 seconds
   - SSL Context Service No value set
   - Character Set UTF-8

I would love some help here.

PS: Some time later it becomes worse, as every processor in the above
pipeline actually stops doing flowfiles are generated, no
errors are thrown...


Raf Huys

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