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From Yari Marchetti <>
Subject DistributedMapCache
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2016 08:38:32 GMT
I'm running a 3 nodes cluster and I've been trying to implement a
deduplication workflow using the DetectDuplicate but, on my first try, I
noticed that there were always 3 messages marked as non-duplicates. After
some investigation I tracked down this issue to be related to a
configuration I did for DistributedMapCache server address which was set to
localhost: if instead I set it to the IP of one of the nodes than
everything's working as expected.

My concern with this approach is of reliability: if that specific node goes
down, than the workflow will not work properly. I know I could implement it
using some other kind of storage but wanted to check first whether I got it
right and what's the suggested approach.


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