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From James McMahon <>
Subject Upgrade to v0.7: reusing repos and flow.xml.gz?
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2016 11:49:34 GMT
NiFi 0.6.1 was the first NiFi baseline I installed in my local data
enterprise. I now find that there are refinements in v0.7 that I require,
and so I must install/upgrade my NiFi baseline. I've never done this and
need to better understand the steps required to properly upgrade.

I have a base dir named /home/nifi. Under that I have a nifi-061
subdirectory for that code and configuration baseline. I intend to install
0.7 in a nifi-07 subdirectory. I use a soft link in /home/nifi (called
latest) to point at the current version for my system.

Q1: My 0.6.1 baseline has a complex workflow that I don't want to rebuild
from scratch in the nifi07/conf subdirectory. Assuming that I first flush
all my queues and gracefully shutdown my 0.6.1 instance, am I permitted to
simply copy my 0.6.1 flow.xml.gz into my nifi07/conf subdirectory to have
my expansive workflow present in the nifi UI when I start my new 0.7

Q2: On my system I currently have distributed my flow_repo, content_repo,
and provenance_repo to different independent mounted disk devices available
to me. I did this to optimize my opportunity to recover in case of
unanticipated system failures. Can I use the same repos for my 0.7
installation, referencing them in my conf/ file just as I
did for my 0.6.1 baseline? Is NiFi differentiating by version the records
it persists in these repositories? Or once I commit to the new version,
there's no going back to the previous version because the repos save
objects without any reference to nifi version instance?

Q3: My 0.6.1 instance starts at system boot time as a service. Are you
aware of any specific elements in the service configuration that must
change in order to start the new version similarly as a service?

Q4: My 0.6.1 instance leverages certificates and a key store to establish a
secure nifi instance. As such my nifi version directory has a keys
subdirectory (and a certs subdirectory under that). When I migrate to the
new version, am I permitted to just copy those subdirectories under my new
nifi07 directory? Are there any other considerations in order to maintain
secure authentication and secure http operations in my workflow?

Q5: In your experience are there any other hurdles when upgrading nifi to a
new version that I am overlooking?

Thank you in advance for any insights you can offer.

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